Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Wall

Leaving the studio Thursday night I glanced back at the wall where new paintings go and with a reassuring nod thought to myself, "not bad". I have been working toward a fall show and that night I felt the first indications of an emerging theme. "What is that theme?" you ask,'m not sure, could be the color palette or the imagery (which has a late 1800's flavor with a surreal twist). At this stage I have no desire to "lock-down" an artist statement, ugh.. those things are the worst, intuition drives the train and the paintings are beginning to feed off themselves, that's what you want.

A few posts back I brought up the subject of, value and art, that week over at "" Matthew Bown published a fascinating article on the same topic. It's a long read but if you are into this kind of discussion be sure and check it out.

Top: the wall
Below: Morning Developer, 32x23 oil canvas 2010