Saturday, April 23, 2011


The sharp contrasts associated with this celebration are enough to make your head spin;Calvary/Easter bunny, chocolate/spiced ham, jelly beans/boiled eggs, life/death/life. As an over analytical/literal kid, these contrasting emotions were the cause for a lot of head scratching.Now, as an adult, I understand metaphor, its all good, accept for those pastel Easter eggs. I double up on the dye tablets, gives them a more"Baroque" hue, less "Candyland".

Above: Finished this painting last week, the Dogwood has a long association with Golgotha, thought this picture had the spirit of the season.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yonder Wall

The first four months of this year have been productive. The studio wall that was empty in December has begun to show some life and I have felt a calm burst of creative energy as of late. Can't point to any reason for this, nothing has changed materially in my world, so... I guess, in my head something has grown or broadened, that is vague, so how 'bout this.. "time" has been less of a factor in the painting process, that means, the eye and mind are not as distracted by what's ahead or the outcome. If I focus on what is before me at the moment the outcome/future will take care of itself, an ageless philosophy, that in practice, is so difficult for us humans.

Above:This painting got pretty literal as it developed, I am debating whether to break it down for you viewers, maybe next post?