Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Good Stuff

So... this is what happens when an art dealer discovers the "Flip" video camera and Apple's iMovie software.

Timothy and I shot over 3 hours of interviews and "action" scenes, all to be whittled down to a 12 minute film. At first I tried to get involved in the decision making process; what to film or cut, what music to use, etc. but I quickly backed away, let him have fun. This was going to be his interpretation of what I do and am, which is always the case, whether its a critic writing a review or an author doing an article. The message gets spun as it leaves its source.

I did film all the scenery footage, holding the camera in one hand while riding my bike around the neighborhood, uhh...not safe, glad my health insurance was current. "The Good Stuff", where does that title come from?, watch it to the end. I just want to I really talk like that? Yikes!

Watch the video here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This will probably be the last painting to be included in my December exhibition at Tew Galleries, finished last week, it was the culmination of a process that started over a year ago. 365 days, that's about what it takes for me to create a new body of work for a show. Kind of daunting when you look at it that way, which is why I don't, to me its just a chunk out of a long line, a line that will continue next week when I start my next painting.

I brought 10 paintings to the gallery yesterday, they needed to go to the framer, who happened to be there at the time. I watched as they discussed moulding choices (an artist really shouldn't witness this process). I had to step back and let the march to the market begin, my job was done.

Above: The Piglet oil panel 16x14 2010
Below: Tim, Corky and Rannel (center) a framing wizard.
I mentioned in an earlier post about filming a promotional video for my show, watch a short intro here, more next time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sky Is Falling And Other Madness

I put this painting into my "pictorial pun-puzzle" category, (a companion piece to my blog header above, it would be fun to do a set of these, hmm..). It started as just a man holding a sign with a cloud backdrop, but during the drawing phase I just kept adding things. First a chicken, then a briefcase with mini clouds, the costume is old-timey how bout a wood sidewalk, it needs an ocean for more depth, put it in. I had an Abe Lincoln beard on my man but painted it out, thought it was too much. What does it mean?...a comment on climate change?...a response to all the election hysteria this past month?..take your pick, I just enjoyed painting it.

If you are curious about what the art biz is really like, check out Jim Kempner's (NYC art dealer, above) web series, "The Madness Of Art". Even though its lighthearted, clever and funny, each short episode holds more truth than most of us would like to admit.
Above: The Sky Is Falling 16x14 (22x20 fr) oil on panel, 2010