Saturday, August 28, 2010

Land Of Roses

Last week brought the first subtle hints that Fall was on the way, lower humidity and softer lighting. The sluggishness that seeps in during the summer was starting to lift, time for production. Yesterday I completed the painting you see above. This was one of those pictures that leads you along as you work, you do "this" and now you have to do "that", very natural. There was no conflict between what I thought I wanted and the reality that was before me, (hmm...that's probably not a bad way to live life).

Above: Land Of Roses, oil on canvas, 40x35
Bottom: Detail (it took me about 4 hours to paint this dude's face)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

ReTune Nashville

ReTune Nashville is a an organization that provides relief for uninsured musicians affected by the Tennessee flood. They have come up with a really cool and unique way to raise some cash; take flood damaged instruments and have artists turn them into artworks, then auction the pieces off at a benefit concert (Oct. 23rd.). Anne Brown at the Arts Company contacted me and asked if I would be interested in participating?... you bet! I got the above violin several weeks ago, put a coat of gesso on it, now I am ready to start painting, got a great idea, check back and see how it turns out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Production

Started this painting last week, just about a quarter of the way through. The roses are going to get a "creamier" look, less pink more pale frosting, like the ones you see in the Martha Stewart magazines. Worked on the landscape all day Friday, don't know if it was the color or the setting but it was a very calming process. For over a year now I have been studying the landscape painters of the 1800's, Inness and Bierstadt in particular. Never paid much attention to them in the past but their mythical take on American scenery has my interest. Wonder what effect this will have?
Above:Land Of Roses, 40x35 oil on canvas

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This was my second trip to Graceland, the first being over 13 years ago, and a funny thing has happened since then, irony has left the building. Gone are the snickers in the Jungle Room and the finger pointing at all the "tacky" elegance, this was a museum now and not a sideshow. The covetousness was palatable as the tour progressed, "Man, I would kill for that sofa, outfit, ring, etc."

On the day we went the southern drawl was outnumbered by a variety of foreign accents, all fellow pilgrims, there to soak up what we could of the Elvis phenomenon. You either get it or don't, I understand, but if you are not a bit moved while standing in the final "Trophy" room as Vegas Elvis sings "An American Trilogy" on the big screen, well....

Top:living room table top, William Eggleston took a similar photo
Middle: Living-Music room, Peacock stained glass and 15ft. white sofa
Bottom: Long live the King
I have more photos on flickr check them out here

Plan your trip now and be sure to stay at Days Inn Graceland, guaranteed fun, also dine at Central BBQ for your Memphis Q fix.