Friday, September 21, 2012

In The Movies

Seems like everywhere you turn these days you run into a movie crew filming on the streets of Atlanta, all this production provides an opportunity for the locals to participate. I was in two films this summer...wait, let me rephrase that, my paintings were involved in two movies this summer. This is how it works...say the crew is filming in a house or hotel suite and on the wall is one of your paintings, in order for said picture to be a part of the set the artist has to sign a "release" stating it's ok, (how'd they track me down?!). Sometimes you even get paid to just hang there. The two films?..."Identity Theft" ($100) and "Madea's Witness Protection" ($0).

Below: "Golden Age", acrylic on canvas, 1988, used on the set of the the film, "Stars And Bars" (1988),staring Daniel Day-Lewis, a dreadful movie, trust me, don't watch.

 While jogging one morning I turned down a road that looked like a hurricane had just passed, junk in the road and piles of trash everywhere...but something wasn't right, I bent down to inspect the trash and it was a solid mass, coated in a substance that kept it from blowing all over, fake trash! Turned the corner and there were the trucks, crew, equipment and the zombies, I had just jogged through the set of "The Walking Dead".

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dreams Of Milk And Honey

This is one of those paintings that seems to come from nowhere. When I started drawing this one up all I knew is I wanted a painting with a beehive. The sketching took 2 full days with much erasing. Initially the lady was nude, but when I started adding the animals, the mood switched from sensuality to innocence, had to put some clothes on her. What I like about this one is how the warm "honey colors" play off the "coolness" of the landscape/atmosphere, (milk and honey). 

Above:Dreams Of Milk And Honey, 18x20 (24x26 framed) oil on panel/wood 

Mountain had a cool song titled "Dreams Of Milk And Honey" check it out here.