Saturday, August 7, 2010


This was my second trip to Graceland, the first being over 13 years ago, and a funny thing has happened since then, irony has left the building. Gone are the snickers in the Jungle Room and the finger pointing at all the "tacky" elegance, this was a museum now and not a sideshow. The covetousness was palatable as the tour progressed, "Man, I would kill for that sofa, outfit, ring, etc."

On the day we went the southern drawl was outnumbered by a variety of foreign accents, all fellow pilgrims, there to soak up what we could of the Elvis phenomenon. You either get it or don't, I understand, but if you are not a bit moved while standing in the final "Trophy" room as Vegas Elvis sings "An American Trilogy" on the big screen, well....

Top:living room table top, William Eggleston took a similar photo
Middle: Living-Music room, Peacock stained glass and 15ft. white sofa
Bottom: Long live the King
I have more photos on flickr check them out here

Plan your trip now and be sure to stay at Days Inn Graceland, guaranteed fun, also dine at Central BBQ for your Memphis Q fix.