Saturday, November 12, 2016

2 Years Of Painting (The Present)

This concludes a tour of what has been happening in the studio the last two years. 

At the moment I am working on a website, and contemplating..instagram. Self promotion has not been a strength of mine, (that was always the galleries' job), but lately it has occurred to me that I also need to participate in the creation of my narrative (we used to call that.. "branding"..narrative sounds cozier). What artist hasn't stated, "the work speaks for itself"..I have and they don't. The majority of viewers want to know things, "where are you from, what does it mean, how do you do it...?", these are the questions I am frequently asked . The answers can come from different sources, the dealer, critic or your next door neighbor. The artist has a unique perspective on their mode of expression, sometimes contrary to what is perceived by onlookers, both are valid, but it can be interesting to hear what source has to say...see you in two years..(kidding).

  The paintings below are currently featured in a show at Tew Galleries in Atlanta called, The Painted Figure, Oct 21-Nov 18. 

Bandstand  40x35" oil canvas (private collection)

North Star 18x17" oil wood

Old Soul 15x14" oil wood

Passing Through Time And Space 32x38" oil canvas

Solar (2) 35x40" oil canvas

Storyteller 30x34" oil canvas

The Landing 22x24" oil wood

The Storyteller 22x22" oil wood
(Private Collection)