Saturday, April 18, 2009

Modern Ark

Two interesting articles in The Wall St. Journal this week.
Artists vs Blight was a report about painters and sculptors moving into boarded up houses and abandoned industrial areas in cities such as Cleveland and Detroit. Galleries, restaurants and latte shops are following them, (this is what we do).
The second article told of the construction of contemporary Arks, including one just christened in Hong Kong, that was built to biblical specifications, complete with fiberglass animals! Be sure to check out the slideshow. The story of Noah and the flood has always been an Old Testament favorite of mine. I have used the image of an Ark in several paintings, here are two examples.

Top: ROAD TO DAMASCUS 22x18 fr oil panel 2007 (private collection)
Bottom: ANCIENT BEGINNINGS 24x18 fr oil panel (private collection)