Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Color In Atlanta

As a painter, I can not compete with the natural world at it's visual best. Occasionally I will take a painting I am working on outside to see how it holds up when not confined to the mysteries of the cave, (studio). If it appears lifeless outside...not a good sign. "You should paint that", I am often told, as the person points to a flower or sunset, my response is always a halfhearted, "yes, I should", but I know I won't. What I will do is try to translate that "feeling" I have when experiencing natural beauty, take paint and replicate those soul stirring moments, whether I am painting an apple or a clown's nose. It's an intuitive reaction that continually occurs during the painting process, difficult to explain and execute.

Above: A tree next to the Cyclorama in Grant Park, Atlanta Ga. What a beautiful day today, much fuel was added to my creative battery.