Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Salon...etc.

This Wednesday TEW Galleries opens it's "Holiday Salon". I will be contributing 3 new paintings, 2 are shown above. The show will feature new works by gallery artists and the recent paintings of Atlanta fave, Lucy Currie, plus Tim's jewelery collection. Go have a look and pick something out, the show should run through December.
Speaking of shopping, what was going on in October? Every artist/dealer I have spoken to recently (granted, its not been many) have reported last month as the busiest in a long while. I guess those rebounded portfolios, have eased the collectors' consciouses. In another world...the major auction houses showed some bounce, it's not 2006, but the usual faces got the usual bucks, "artnet" lists the latest results, here, always an interesting read.
And... the NYTimes had a great story about David Hockney and his recent landscape paintings. I admire Hockney's game, to use a sports metaphor, his use of hip technology to enhance what he does with paint and brushes has kept this 72 year old painter fresh and current, now that's a role model. Here's the article, don't miss the slide show and video, fascinating.
Above top: DREAM VACATION 28x25 oil canvas 2009
below: CONJURER 28x25 oil canvas 2009