Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Idea, Jon Gnagy

When I was 9 my parents gave me a, "Jon Gnagy, Learn To Draw Kit" for Christmas. I had not asked for one so it was a surprise. At the time what I knew of the "art world" I had learned from the set of World Book Encyclopedias we had at home. Looking at the box, with the name I could not pronounce, I figured this guy was right up there with Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The kit included the instruction manual you see above, pencils and exotic drawing supplies such as: block charcoal, shading stumps, sandpaper (for sharpening) and a kneaded eraser,what the ****!? Intimidating, you bet, but I loved it. Many hours were spent attempting to master the drawing lessons and materials therein. In hindsight though what I learned was not how to draw necessarily, but something more important, an idea, the idea that being an artist might be a future option, and that those close to me felt the same.
Above: the 2009 version, why don't you get one for somebody here.
Check out this video of Jon drawing a clown on YouTube, awesome!