Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Word For '09...

...Monetize, as in "How do I monetize it?". This was on the minds of many individuals I encountered in '09. Here's the scenario: You've got a skill or talent that produces a product or service, the dismal job market has you thinking; maybe I can make a living off this music-painting-writing-consulting... I have been doing on the side. The website and blog are up, you have been "tweeting" and "facebooking" this new venture, maybe your YouTube video has gone viral or the song posted on MySpace is drawing attention, now, how do I take these "freebies" and monetize it? Sorry, I can't answer that question, but you have stepped onto the road, see where it takes you.
Discouraged?, read this article in the NYTimes about Ca
rmen Herrera, who sold her first painting at age 89, after 60 years of steady art making, now that's patience and faith.
Above: 2 "cards" from my BUSINESS NOIR series, produced over a 3 month period in 2001, oil on paper, 10x8", (I should do a post about these)