Sunday, January 24, 2010

Supreme Decision?

I try to keep politics out of this blog, but a decision by the Supreme Court (Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission) last week has caused me to make an exception. This 5-t0-4 ruling, lifts the ban on the amount that corporations can contribute to those running for political office. I am not naive, our politicians' wallets are tight with cash from "special interests", but this opens the floodgates, say goodbye to the grassroots "paypal" candidate. Defenders of the ruling are proclaiming that this is a victory for those wishing to exercise their rights to, Freedom Of Speech, (are you kidding me). The CS Monitor has a reasoned view of what just went down, for a dimmer outlook there is Keith Olbermann. Let those in office know your opinion, email your Congressperson or Senator, they will enjoy hearing from you.