Monday, January 4, 2010

Year In Review

I enjoy reading end of the year reviews and lists. The authors tidily sum up what's been going on for the last 12 months.The psyche can now move on with a clean slate, resolutions in hand. But '09 is not playing by the rules, the uncertainty and disillusionment that was rampant for 12 months seems to cling to our "new year vibe". The "wait and see" hangover will not subside. Anyway,here's my stats for '09: Sales were off about 22%, (I can live with that, for now). Oddly, the average price per painting sold was up 20%, (this tells me the casual buyer has left the building). Resolutions: Clean brushes everyday, more ipod less talk radio. The year ahead? Stay tuned, right here.

Above: 2 more from the "Business Noir" series, oil on paper, 10x8", 2001