Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pink Pearl

I spent last Thursday drawing up a new canvas, which really means, I spent the day erasing. I only use Pink Pearl erasers (above). This eraser, first manufactured by Eberhard Faber, uses a unique formula of rubber and Italian volcanic ash to give its eraser a softer touch and excellent cleaning properties. The geniuses at Eberhard Faber were the first to put the eraser on the end of a pencil, which is only popular with pencils for the American market, hmm.

Speaking of pink, our Japanese magnolia or Saucer magnolia, as my Mom called it, is in full bloom this week. This tree, which dominates our front yard, is one of the largest I have seen in Atlanta. If the wind is just right these fragrant blooms are noticeable from a block away. Mid March is kinda late for this tree to flower, late January being the earliest. The heavy rains and consistently cold temperatures we experienced this winter should make this Spring a monster, I can't wait.