Saturday, March 27, 2010

4G Picture

Above, the finished painting I started chronicling here and here. I thought this would be a good painting to demonstrate the development of a picture, but turns out I had it nailed from the beginning. Most time was spent on the landscape portion, it's a leisurely scene, leisurely painted, in contrast to the exploding tulip, I like it.

My daughter took her first visit to New York City this past week. She was there to sing with the award winning Grady High chorus, sightseeing and a Broadway play were also on the agenda, came back with an ever so subtle air of worldliness about her, New York will do that to you.

Top:Untitled, 28x25, oil on canvas 2010
Middle: Times Square and atop the Empire State building
Bottom: Madison, Battery Park, NYC
Click here for TEW Galleries latest video, it features all the info you will need to join the fun April 1st, hope to see you there.