Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illustrator Donald Moss

A good bit of the artists I admire (past and present) have spent a portion of their careers doing illustration work. Some like Edward Hopper looked down upon this period, never understood that. I admire great illustration, yes there is a different spirit involved but one that is no less enlightened or skilled than "gallery" painting.

While looking through those old SIs (see below) I came upon this spread by Donald Moss using Magritte as a template to illustrate a golf story. Donald worked at Sports Illustrated for over 30 years (50's-80's) and often used surrealistic/pop references in his illustrations, he was one of my favorites as a teen (uhh...duh).

Above: Donald Moss, SI June 11,1973, "Oakmont", Donald passed away last May, he was 90.