Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Betting

90 million dollars, that's the legal amount wagered on the Super Bowl today, add what gets put down in the office pools, between friends and with the local bookies and that number jumps to 8-9 billion $'s, that's a lot of scratch. Besides the score, you can also put money down on various "prop" bets, such as; The coin flip, heads or tails? What will Fergie wear for the halftime show? What color will the Gatorade be that gets dumped on the coach? Use your imagination, there's a bet for it. Me?? I am taking the Steelers and the points, (that Gatorade is going to be yellow).

What's a Super Bowl without Joe Namath?? lame. Here's "Joe Willie" pimping Dingo Boots, I wanted a pair of those so bad as a kid, had to settle for Hush Puppies "D-boots".

Above:I got a huge stack of SIs from the '70's, spent some time with them yesterday, Joe's pants look like they were made out of a bath mat, I want one!