Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Springs Mills Art Show

This drawing is the first piece of art I put on display publicly. Every year the Springs Mill textile plant in Lancaster, SC sponsored an art exhibition, at the time ('73) if you brought work they would hang it. Prize money was awarded and the show drew decent crowds, (kind of a big deal in the SC Piedmont art world). At 16 I felt I was worthy. Mom had the piece framed and we drove it over. Wandering around the "salon style" exhibition weeks later, I had my first experience of those thoughts that enter the mind when you put your art on display; "Why did that win a prize?", "They hung mine too low!",,,etc. Makes me chuckle to think of that kid, get used to it pal.

The next year I entered a drawing of an antique coffee grinder, now I was a veteran, play it cool. Found my piece and there was a red dot beside the name tag. I looked at my parents "What does that mean?", A prize? No, those have stars, did a quick check around, didn't see any other dots. I was getting anxious, maybe I did something wrong? It was a bright red. Went to the entry desk and the smiling lady said "That means the work has been sold". What!! A month later a check came in the mail, $50, free money, I was hooked.

Above:"Ouch" (clever title, huh? love the weird perspective.)
I wonder if that coffee grinder is still on a wall somewhere?