Friday, September 2, 2011

Nashville Skyline

If you "googled" the Dylan album and ended up here, scroll down..

My show opens tomorrow at the Arts Company in Nashville, this will be my 5th exhibition with Anne Brown and the gang. Anne has an insightful blog post about my work, read it here, also "Nashville Arts Magazine" put me on the cover of the September issue (my second cover, thanks Paul), check it out here. See ya.. gotta pack... oh? the Dylan album..

"Nashville Skyline" was the "gateway drug" to becoming a Dylan fanatic for people my age (54). When he was putting out the classic '60's disks we were preocuppied with the Monkees and Beatles. Somehow "Skyline" got on the radar of my 13 year old ears. FM radio was cranking up then and the stations were an eyeopener, "Lay Lady Lay" was played often. I bought the album a couple of years later, wore it out (that Cash duet!!). "Blood On The Tracks" was next, I was hooked..still am.