Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Roundup

This summer has been very active, with few "studio" blog posts, so.. thought I would restock the image bank for those of you whose only exposure to my paintings is this blog. These slipped through the cracks, enjoy.

Froze my %&@# off at the Braves game last Friday night and my big box of Luzianne ice tea bags is just about empty..looks like summer is done.

Top: Campfire Song (Moon) 14x12 (20x18 Fr) oil pane
Middle: Sunny Stage 18x16 (24x22 Fr) oil panel
Bottom: Baptism In Song 14x16 (20x22 Fr) oil panel
Below: Velvet Moon (Sunday Evening) 18x20 (22x26 Fr) oil panel
Redid the cake painting, found it a nice home in Nashville