Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dream Police

Red Line Gallery in Knoxville, Tn. has a show opening Nov. 5th. called "Small Hidden Doors", curated by Lara Dann, the theme..dreams and their interpretation. I will be showing the 2 paintings you see in this post.

I've never been a big sleeper, 6-7hrs. is about all I am good for, but once I'm out I am gone. As a kid I was a bit of a sleepwalker and had bouts of "night terror" (not fun), but dreams or night travel as I like to say, are a feature of sleep I have always enjoyed. I don't try to analyze them, to me it's just a show, sometimes elaborate and lucid, other times misty and..well..dreamy. I have never painted my dreams but painting is a lot like dreaming, there is a freedom in the process of "making stuff up" similar to the subconscious storyline of dreaming. A painting has it's own truth, as does a dream.

Police hardly ever enter my dream world or my "waking dream world" for that matter..hmm..always loved this song by Cheap Trick.

Top:Night Travel (1) 11x12 (17x18 Fr) oil panel 2011
Bottom:Night Travel (2) 11x12 (17x18 Fr) oil panel 2011