Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Circus imagery has floated in and out of my paintings through the years. Can't say I'm a big fan, haven't been to many performances but I like the concept. The world of the circus is a closed system, with it's own rules and laws of nature, under the "big-top" the illusion is real and the observer..? a believer. Isn't that also the function of all art/painting? The artist skillfully manipulates raw materials in a confined space and comes up with an alternate reality. The viewer is engaged in the scene and maybe, for a brief moment the outside world, mentally, slips away, no small task there!..but that is the goal.

April 7th at the Red Line Gallery in Knoxville TN, I will be showing a group of paintings called "Menagerie", really enjoyed working on these, more next time, see ya.

Above: The Rehearsal, 16x13.5, oil/panel, 2012