Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Four (Brackets)

While I was filling out my NCAA B'ball bracket last week I began to wonder,what if this were paintings? What would be my four favorites of... let's say the last hundred years? This is what I came up with.

1.Guernica, Picasso (easy choice, saw it at MOMA, 1977, like someone hit me with a sledgehammer).
2. The Great Parade, F. Leger (such "joie de vivre").
3. Attempting The Impossible, Magritte (hard to pick my favorite by him).
4. Just saw the "Frida & Diego" show at the High Museum so how about Frida Kahlo's Moses.

Below are four paintings that are out in the world but not on this blog.

Above top to bottom:
Still Life 18x16" oil/wood 2012
Monument 20x18" oil/wood 2012
Curtain Call 20x22" oil/wood 2012
The Lonely Hunter 20x22" oil/wood 2013