Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Round-Up, And A Labor Day Tale

Welcome back to what is starting to become a quarterly update..hey, what can you do? The Summer months are usually a slowing down "production-wise"...not this year...rain (everyday), cool temps and demand, have kept me focused, have a look.

Ok, Labor Day has come and gone, so..what was my first job?Working at the Esso (Exxon now) gas-car wash, on Cherry Rd. Rock Hill, SC. I was 16 and my first day was the 4th of July, busy day for car washes in the "Hill". Showed up, put on my jumpsuit and became one of "Jerry's Tigers". A total disaster..! The highlight was when I drove the car to the wash with the gas nozzle still attached, petrol went everywhere. Clocked out, never went back.The next week I got a job on a Coca-Cola truck delivering soda, about a buck an hr. and all the Dr.Pepper I could drink!

Paintings in order (top to bottom)

Blackberry Dream 18x20" oil/panel
The Celebration 28x25" oil/canvas
The Conjurer 16x18 oil/panel
Still Life 40x35" oil/canvas
The Celebration (2) 18x20" oil panel
The Woodcarver 20x22 oil/panel
The Guardians 16x18"oil/panel
Inside The Bird Museum 20x22" oil/panel