Thursday, October 13, 2016

2 Years Of Painting (Part One)

Ok, no excuses just images...maybe one excuse..facebook.. updating this social medium has proven to be quite distracting,..what a time vacuum..right? Anyway..I will begin again and bring this blog up to the present. Frankly I miss this forum, to me it feels like a quiet zone, passe perhaps, but if you have read this far you are interested, so thanks.

Deep Water 16x13" oil wood (private collection)

Catfish 14x16" oil wood (private collection)

Ark 2 14x12" oil wood (private collection

The Grey Planet 22x24" oil wood (private collection)

Sleepwalker 13x16" oil wood

Traveling Circus 18x17" oil wood (private collection)

Birdhouse 22x20" oil wood

All of these paintings were featured in a show at Blue Spiral (Asheville NC Oct 2014)