Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Year Of Painting...Part One

I recently received an email from someone that had seen my work on the blog, they enjoyed the images but was wondering if I was still "active"...? (burn)

Yes, very much so, despite the lack of activity in this forum. 
Time to catch-up, the paintings below were featured in my show at TEW Galleries (Atl.) this past December.
(Part Two coming soon..?!)



Top to Bottom
Sleepwalker 14x16 (20x22fr) oil/wood 2013*
Riding The Bull 16x18 (22x24 fr) oil/wood 2013*
Tulip (Prodigal Son) 20x18 (26x24fr) oil/wood 2013*
Equestrian 18x16 (24x22fr) oil/wood 2013*
Pie 20x22 (26x28fr) oil/wood 2013*
(*In a Private Collection)

This is what happens when you don't clean the studio, (the sweet potato in the PIE painting, wonder if I can plant this?)