Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 Years With TEW

I have been represented by Timothy Tew for 20 years and my 16th exhibit at TEW opens this week. When I first met Tim he was showing and selling paintings at a French restaurant in Buckhead, (Cafe Les Artiste) and looking to open a tiny space at the TULA Art Center. He had seen a painting of mine at a Post Properties show house, where my large abstract canvas was hung, (above the shrimp bowl and behind the buffet table, a choice spot). It caught his eye, prompting a phone call and a request for a studio visit, thus starting a relationship that, at the time, I could not have imagined. The evolution that took place in our lives and the Atlanta art world between then and now would require more than a blog post, but come by May 8th to view the 2009 edition and say "hi" to my friend Tim, and me, I'll be on the second floor.
Above: Charles Keiger,1989, 235 Forsyth St. studio, trying to look like a cigar chomping, hard core, abstract expressionist. Studio and painting lost in a fire, 1997.
Below: The first invoice-letter,click the image to read, (does anyone miss the typewriter?)
Note: I am going to increase the posts while the show is up, check back for pictures and maybe a few insights into what goes on during this commercial process.