Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Inspires You?..

This is the question I am most frequently asked and the one most difficult to answer. I imagine the majority of art patrons have this mental image of the artist that has been cultivated by modern literature and movies, the painter as "shaman-savant", and some aspects of that vision hold some truth. I have had experiences while painting that would reinforce this stereotype, but they are few and far between, and don't necessarily produce great images. Painting is an extreme pleasure and a task that I work long hours to achieve a satisfactory result, simple as that. But that answer is cheating the questioner, so I will continue this dialog in another post and offer this: At my opening last Friday, I was chatting with an individual and he wanted to know why I painted hydrangeas? I started scanning my data bank for an enlightening reply. When the silence was beginning to reach that uncomfortable stage, I sighed and said, "I have several outside my studio and I just love looking at them". He smiled and said, "thanks for being honest , I thought you were going to explain how they have this deep meaning and symbolize....,we started laughing and then continued the conversation, both with a bit of relief.
Top: Detail (The Prayer)
Bottom: The Prayer, 22x20 framed, oil panel, 2008, get it at TEW