Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Opening at TEW

The Wizard
The work has been in the gallery for 2 weeks and on the wall for 10 days, there has been a private party at a client's home and a preview reception, a magazine ad was placed, many invitations and PR packets sent, several email "blasts" and studio visits, all this has taken place before the public Friday opening. I began work on this show over a year ago, starting with a plan that I wrote down in my sketch book, of what I wanted to present (I kind of followed it). Gone are the days of frantic production and stressful arguments with the dealer (sort of), that never worked for me. I enjoy the commercial gallery process, always have, it has it's moments of BS and financial uncertainty, but the personal interaction with the gallery staff and their clients is an enriching experience, fueling the creative side. To be honest, getting paid to paint my pictures is pretty nice, it's what I always wanted and as of Friday night, it looks like it will continue.

Directly above: Me trying to look like a stable, successful artist, (yikes, scroll down, have I aged that much in 20 years, the beard might have to go).
I put the show on flickr, check it out here.