Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I initiated a personal program last month, I call it the, "Throw something away everyday project." My name is Charles and I am a "pack rat". You reach a stage in life where the junk starts cluttering up your mind, the rationale of I can fix or use "that" begins to nag. This liberating exercise has picked up steam as I have begun to recognize its value. Luckily, in my neighborhood, whatever you place on the curb miraculously disappears by the end of the day; a TV set, lamp, lawn mower, chalkboard, metal pipe, books, shoes, VCR tapes, bathroom fixtures...gone within hours. Who picks up this stuff up?..wait, that used to be me!

So far, my only snag has occurred in the studio, specifically, what to do with old paintings? I have attempted weeding out the racks before, but as I start the process I get caught up in "looking", I know the story behind these pictures and there place in my development, nothing gets tossed, yet.

Above: one from the racks, not bad, WESTERN SONG 22x18 oil canvas,1998