Friday, April 16, 2010

Earth Day-Torrit Grey

Each spring in honor of Earth Day, the folks at Gamblin gather the pigments that have accumulated in there air filtration system and create a tube of paint they call Torrit Grey (available the month of April and free as a promotion). The color is named after the Torit air filters used in their Portland Oregon factory. From a dove grey to an earthy black, the color varies depending on the dominate pigments used in production that year. The "color-geek" in me wonders if the resulting hue symbolizes the mood of the populace. Out of the tube, this year's Torrit is almost black, as you add white there is a slight hint of red...uh-oh, have at it Mr. Beck.

Above:The 2010 edition, I picked up mine at the Utrecht store on Peachtree. Do a better painting than above and enter it in there Fall competition, win prizes.