Saturday, April 24, 2010

Festival Season

This time of year, across the South, you cannot drive 30 minutes without hitting some sort of street festival. Today, just around Atlanta, there are 7 events vying for your attention, you can head up to Marietta for the Sweet Ps Arts Festival or the Buzzard Blast in Louisville. Me, I will be biking over to my favorite, the Inman Park Festival.
These street fairs play an important role in the art market food chain. I know artists that got their start by selling their wares on the festival circuit and I wonder how many young collectors bought their first painting or sculpture from a booth at one of these events? I bet most. At the larger fairs, like the Inman, you can find work that would not look out of place hanging on the walls of most Atlanta galleries, (for a fraction of the price). So, don't turn up your nose you "art hipsters", grab a funnel cake or some Dippin' Dots and join the fun.

Top: Inman Park Festival 2010, an artist I admire, Mr Hooper, had a booth this year, check out his work here.