Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boiled Peanuts

I spent the last week filming a video that will be used to promote my next show and I am tired of talking about "art", so... how bout peanuts.

Fresh dug peanuts (only use "green peanuts" for boiling) have a short shelf life, 3-4 days tops. This fact, kept this delicacy confined to the Southern peanut growing states until refrigeration was invented. By then no one else was interested so the soggy, salty legume, stayed home. The Fall is prime peanut season and I have boiled up about 10 lbs of 'em over the last month, (a batch lasts 2 days in our house). In 2006, the Governor of South Carolina declared, by law, that "boiled peanuts" were the State's official snack food, you should try some today. Here's my recipe: 2 lbs. green peanuts washed, 4 tablespoons salt (might need more, taste when almost done), put in pot, add water to cover the peanuts by 2 inches, boil the heck out of them for about 2 hours, taste, keep cooking if needed, when done (you'll know) let sit in brine for several hours. If you are adventurous, add some garlic cloves, fresh jalapenos or red pepper to the pot at the start. Next, grab a beer or sweet tea, and dig in.

Last Sunday we drove out to the State Farmers Market (needed more peanuts and some pansies), happened upon this vendor's mum display, wow, delicious how can I work this into a painting?