Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Wonder

I started this blog with the purpose of examining what I do as an artist, to take a step back and explain in words, (to those who might be interested), what goes into making my pictures. For a brief moment I place myself in the audience and ask "what just happened". This past week my Atlanta dealer was interviewing me, I was trying to give thoughtful insights into what was up there on the wall, after an hour I sighed and said "You are asking me to explain a narrative that started almost 40 years ago, a painting is just one sentence in a novel". This kind of response is a cop-out, I know, but most of what I do is second nature, I really don't think about it much, one step has led to the next and the path gets blurred by the "now". There are times though when I am caught off guard, I will look around my surroundings as if waking up from a dream and wonder, "How in the heck did I get here?".

Above: Tulip (The Wonder) 28x25 oil canvas 2010