Friday, October 8, 2010

Is This What I Had In Mind?

Not exactly. As I composed this painting in my sketchbook I could visualize exactly how I wanted it to look. This is not unusual, most times before I apply paint I have a color scheme mapped out in my head. This road quickly starts being modified as I progress. So far, this painting has been puzzling, that yellow is being difficult, it's not the easiest hue to coordinate (uhh, make look pretty).

After a week it's starting to come together, the sky (the anchor for most of my pictures) has about 4 layers, and with a little tweaking should be fine. The key is the tulip, I got something in mind for that, I am curious to see if I it holds up. I have set up a challenging premise (for me) with this painting, if I can pull it off, could be nice.

Above: Tulip (The Wonder) oil canvas 28x25. I am psyched to paint that couple in the foreground.