Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sky Is Falling And Other Madness

I put this painting into my "pictorial pun-puzzle" category, (a companion piece to my blog header above, it would be fun to do a set of these, hmm..). It started as just a man holding a sign with a cloud backdrop, but during the drawing phase I just kept adding things. First a chicken, then a briefcase with mini clouds, the costume is old-timey how bout a wood sidewalk, it needs an ocean for more depth, put it in. I had an Abe Lincoln beard on my man but painted it out, thought it was too much. What does it mean?...a comment on climate change?...a response to all the election hysteria this past month?..take your pick, I just enjoyed painting it.

If you are curious about what the art biz is really like, check out Jim Kempner's (NYC art dealer, above) web series, "The Madness Of Art". Even though its lighthearted, clever and funny, each short episode holds more truth than most of us would like to admit.
Above: The Sky Is Falling 16x14 (22x20 fr) oil on panel, 2010