Saturday, December 18, 2010

Art Reviews And Christmas Trees

Atlanta's cultural sage and "wise man", Jerry Cullum, has a fine review of my current show at TEW, read it here at Art blogs have filled the gap left by the major newspaper's decreased coverage, (was it ever that much?). These bloggers' (see toolbar on right) thankless job is much appreciated by those of us out here making the stuff. Early in my career I believed a good review would propel me to stardom and riches but I quickly realized that tastes could not be swayed by words, art's too much a personal choice for that.

That cute kitty introduced in my video, is wrecking havoc on our Holiday decorations. Last year our extra large Christmas tree tipped over, breaking most of the ornaments collected over the years, now this little terror. It's hard to be angry though when it's so entertaining to watch.