Saturday, December 4, 2010

TEW Galleries Opening

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

Last night was my opening at TEW and...yes, I baked 2 Red Velvet cakes for the patrons. My painting of said cake was on display and at the preview party Thursday evening, everyone I talked to made a comment or told a story that featured this dessert. So..why not bring the real thing. As the artist at a show I am always asked "What does it (painting) mean", but what I enjoy is hearing their thoughts, and sometimes they will offer insights that go way beyond what I had in mind.
How was 'biz"...well it's not 1998 or even 2008, the Atlanta market is very cautious these days, looking longer before making a choice, come on, hop off the fence, its ok.

Some of my ole college buds were in town for the SEC Championship game (Go Cocks!) and stopped by the show, haven't seen some of these knuckleheads in 30 years, what a nice surprise, (please, no collect calls from lock-up guys).
Left to right: "Tall Ted","Squeege", "Sal", "Cig"(me, don't ask), "G-helmet Do"