Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dali In Atlanta

When I was 13, I received for Christmas a paperback book about Salvador Dali, it was my first "art book", not much text but great full color illustrations. Up until then my artistic output consisted of still-life and landscape themes, with an occasional copy of an album cover or Mad magazine character. This book changed everything, how?, It sounds simple now, but at the time it never occurred to me, "I could make things up", art didn't have to reflect the outside world, concept trumped copying. I was hooked, still am.

Most artists I know have been through a "Dali is a fraud" phase (mine lasted from 1979 to1991, those prints!). If you are still in yours, get to the High Museum in Atlanta before Jan. 9th 2011, it just might change your mind

Photo by Laura Watson, Creative Loafing